Book Contents:

  • The Largest Photo Collection

    • Every Official Statue

    • Redesigned Statues

    • In-Progress at Paint-offs

    • Statues that have never been on public display

  • Statue Stories gathered from 100s of Interviews

  • Trivia

  • History

  • Explanation of the Art

  • Behind the Scenes 

  • 9 Year Timeline

  • Complete Westland Checklist

  • Auction Results

  • Where are They Now?

  • Celebrity Contributions

    • Jean Schulz

    • Craig Schulz

    • Tom Everhart: World Renowned Artist 

    • Dave Winfield: Baseball Hall of Famer

    • Paul Molitor: Baseball Hall of Famer

    • Peggy Fleming: US Olympic Figure Skating Gold Medalist

    • Ann Bancroft: Polar Explorer 

    • ...and More!

The Books:




The Complete History of Peanuts on Parade
Vol. 1: The St. Paul Years (2000-2004) 

Foreword Written by Artist Stan Pawlowski
Testimonial from Jean Schulz
The Complete History of Peanuts on Parade
Vol. 2:The Santa Rosa Years
(2005-2007, 2010)

Foreword Written by Jean Schulz
Testimonials from Craig Schulz
and Tom Everhart





Charlie "Bacchus" Brown

St. Paul, MN






Santa Rosa, CA





Release Party Trivia:


  1. What year did Peanuts on Parade begin?

  2. What two cities hosted Peanuts on Parade?

  3. Name one other “On Parade” theme and it’s host city?

  4. Who made the top collectables from Peanuts on Parade?

  5. Who wrote the Foreword for Volume Two?

  6. What character is featured in the “Encore Year”?

  7. Name one of the three people who wrote testimonials for the two books.

  8. Name one difference between the two volumes.

  9. How many bookmarks make up a complete set?

  10. Who will be the #1 charity recipient from book sales?

The first person to reach me by email with all correct answers will win a complete Holiday Special DVD set. To send me an email, go to the contacts page or send it to:

The Release Party
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